About us Oasis Fences

Our history

Established in Lachute since 1982, OASIS Fences has developed a great deal of expertise in the domain of ornamental products. To provide our customers with the highest quality products,we oversee the entire production process from start to finish:

  • Design of ornamental fence
  • Manufacturing of ornamental fence
  • Finishing of ornamental fence

Whether it’s fences or other ornamental products, we guarantee the best quality at competitive prices.

To reach consumers, we have established a thorough distribution system. To find a dealer in your region, click on the Distributor’s Network or Contact Us link.

Our work methods

We used galvanized steel for our fences and components, and our rigorous assembly and preparation procedures ensure that our products are corrosion-resistant. To top it all off, our polyester coating guarantees a durable finish.

Our assembly techniques ensure that we deliver a flawless product.

By doing everything ourselves, we have complete control over all aspects of our fencing, and personally oversee all stages of the manufacturing process. At OASIS Fences , we never use subcontractors. Our employees do all the work.

About us Oasis Fences